Eildon Scottish Highland Dance Academy


Guideline #1: Families within Eildon Academy will be kind to each other, as well as to other dancers and families within the competing community. They will use their words to build up and encourage. They will not use their words or actions to tear down each other. Families who do not follow this guideline will receive correction by Eildon instructor. If correction is heeded and the incident is not repeated, they are welcome to remain within the academy. If correction is not heeded, the dance family may be suspended for a month or more, as determined by Eildon instructor, Arielle Allard.

Guideline #2: Please note that all decisions made by a competition judge are final. Please see FUSTA’s “Code of Ethics” for specifics. Unspoken social rules include not speaking or making contact with the judge at any time during a competition. The Eildon instructor expects dancers and families within her studio to respect all authority within the competing world. Failure to do so will result in correction.

Guideline #3: Dancers and dance families are required to treat everyone within the dance community with the highest level of respect. That includes volunteers, teachers, other dance families, and anyone else within the highland dance world. Failure to do so will result in correction.

Guideline #4: FUSTA (“Federation of United States Teachers and Adjudicators”) does allow co-teaching (two instructors teaching a dance student). Both teachers must sign off on the paperwork required. If a family within Eildon wants this option, they must: (1) Tell Arielle Allard they are interested in seeking this option, in which case Arielle may offer a recommendation if she wishes. (2) Be considerate of Arielle by talking to her first, before talking to another instructor. Please note that changing instructors is not common within the dance world. Most teachers do not prefer co-teaching.

Guideline #5: Please note: The highland dance community is mutually supportive. Teachers work together for the best of the region, for those within the U.S, and for all the dancers within the community. Our goal is to help our dancers and families succeed. We also expect to be respected, to have our beloved highland dance world respected, and for all participates to honor the greater highland dance world.