Class Policies

Tuition Due Date:

Tuition is due at the first lesson (group lesson, or private) of the month. See “Late Payment Policy” below for further details.

Missed-Class Policies:

If the teacher cancels a class for the whole group, a $15 adjustment ($15 per lesson) will be made to the following month’s tuition. If there is a total of five classes (e.g. five Wednesdays) in a month, and the teacher cancels one class, then no refund will be made for the one missed class.

If a dance student misses a class, no refund will be made except under the following circumstances:

  • There is a medical emergency for the student or the student’s immediate family
  • The student will be missing four weeks of lessons (equal to a month), in which case the tuition for that specific month is not due

Private Lesson Policy:

If a student is participating in a private lesson, the parent/guardian must remain within the studio space for the duration of the lesson. There will be no exceptions.

Summer Classes Policy:

Due to summer vacations, students can pay for a block of lessons (4, 6, 8, or 12 weeks). The dancers can show up to whichever lessons they are able within the block of time they paid for. At the beginning of the summer, the dancers will need to provide the instructor with the dates they plan to attend. If interested in this plan, the dancer must let the teacher know one to two months in advance.

Late Payment Policy:

Payment is due at the first class of the month. If the full month’s payment is not made at the time of the first class, it can be mailed directly to the teacher on the following day. If the payment is postmarked later than the day after the first class of the month, a $10 fee will be charged. For every following week payment is late, an additional $10 will be charged.

Outfitting Policy:

A fee of $25 will be charged for each piece of outfitting returned to Eildon Scottish Highland Dance Academy that is soiled beyond usual use. These include, but are not limited to, food spills and stains. A $10 fee will be charged for soiled blouses.

Additional Notes:

The dance student and/or parents will need to notify the dance teacher three days after the medical emergency, and at least two weeks before the four week absence.

In the event of a teacher canceling a lesson, the dance teacher will make all possible effort to reach dance students by phone as early as possible, no later than an hour before class begins.

When attending class, please try to arrive at least five minutes early to prepare.

Final Note:

All class policies are subject to change by the academy, with prior notification